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Resources – Montano Strata

NSW Strata Reforms

    • Model By-Laws – 2016 Strata Scheme Regulations – Schedule 3
    • Model By-Laws – NSW Strata Schemes Registered After 1st July 1997

Strata Community Association

The leading professional body for the strata and community title sector in New South Wales.

Office of Fair Trading

Protects consumer interests, while ensuring that businesses are fair, competitive and ethical.

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

An accessible and low-cost consumer service to resolve everyday disputes.

NSW Legislation

Official Government site. Provided and maintained by the Parliamentary Counsel’s Office.

Owners Corporation Network

A network of strata committee members who share information and lobby government.

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

REINSW is the largest association of property professionals in NSW.

Encouraging Owner Education

Learn more about your roles and responsibilities as an effective Strata Committee member. A new Education Program is now available to all members of Strata Committees, or those who would like to become one.

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