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Montano Strata Management is a family business that cares, we believe in promoting a strong and mutually respectful relationship.

Our Professional Promise

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All Owners have our after-hours contact details and can contact us anytime 7 days a week to discuss any concerns. Rarely do owners have to leave a message or find it difficult to talk to us.

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We will control costs across all areas of expenditure and provide full financial reporting for both Administration and Sinking Funds.
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We respond rapidly to all repairs. We have a team of experienced professionals from building companies for major works to competent trade contractors to carry out cost effective repairs.
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Our fees are fixed each year inclusive of all meetings and activities. Owners know upfront what our costs will be. There are no surprises. There are no extra charges

Our Blogs

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Changing Strata Management

Changing Strata Management Are you a member of a strata committee that dissatisfied with your current strata manager?  You can propose that you change your strata management. A good strata
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Body Corporate Manager

Why Communication Is So Crucial In Strata Management

Why Communication Is So Crucial In Strata Management What is a Strata Manager and what roles do they play? This is a question that owners corporation and strata committee members
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Crucial in Strata Management

The Role Of A Body Corporate Manager

The Role Of A Body Corporate Manager An article published by Peter Mansour, CEO of Strata Alert states that 66% of strata owners are dissatisfied with their current strata manager
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Duties and Responsibilities of A Strata Manager

Duties and Responsibilities of A Strata Manager Did you know that the idea of setting up Strata originated from Australia? The rest of the world then followed suit. The duties
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Why Strata Management Is Important In Real Estate

Why Strata Management Is Important In Real Estate Do you want to know why people need strata managing agents? In places where real estate is thriving, strata managing agents are
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Professional Strata Management Services

Professional Strata Management Services Montano Strata is one of Sydney’s leading Strata Management firms. Boasting over 20 years of experience we help you achieve your strata scheme goals and give
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Client Testimonials

“Montano Strata has a team that’s always available. They have managed our building for the last 10 years and we’ve never had a problem with our strata manager. Maintenance is carried out on a regular basis ensuring that our building never degenerates.”

Sarah Higgins

The friendly staff at Montano Strata have always been a pleasure to deal with and are all very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend Montano’s to anyone looking for a strata company. Very satisfied!”

Kathy O'Brien

“Montano Strata manages our 30-unit building. They schedule regular building inspections and maintenance operations. Complaints are handled in a timely fashion and efficiently. Myself as an investor/unit owner, I’ve always been very happy with them as our strata manager.”

Mike Rogers

“Matthew provides consistent and professional support. He is prompt to answer queries and resolve any maintenance issues when they are raised. His maturity and good humour are of great value in navigating the sometimes complex situations which Strata living and the personalities involved present.”


“Had a chat with Matthew and on the very first interaction he was ready to help and find a solution to my problem. He went out of the way to get the best for me and understand the importance of the matter and the problem being face by me. Highly recommend Matthew and Montano Strata Management.”


“Montano Strata’s professionalism, knowledge of strata matters, timely advice and attention to detail are merely some of the words that spring to mind. As the long termunit owner I would have no hesitation in saying look no further than Montano Strata if you are seeking a strata manager par excellence.”


“Chloe Hagen is an experienced and professional strata manager. She is an excellent communicator, prompt to action requests and provides pragmatic solutions to issues raised. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a strata manager.”

Chloe Hagen

“Four months ago our building changed body corp managers to Montano Strata Management. We were really struggling with the previous managers and our whole committee is so happy to have found Montano! Thanks so much Matthew and your team.”


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Looking to Change, Its Easy!
Request a Quote

Looking to Change, Its Easy!
Request a Quote