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Strata Management Services in Sydney NSW | Montano Strata

Montano Strata is proud to offer premium Strata Management Services in Sydney. In the absence of good strata management, you can be plagued by punitive fees, damages, and losses. That is why you need seasoned professionals to ensure that the day-to-day running of your business is done well and that you continue to grow.
We provide various types of Strata Management services for strata and community schemes and building management committees for units and apartments.
You can always switch to Montano if you ever need to change your strata management

Client care is at the heart of all that we do, and we aim to be transparent in all our dealings. Your needs as our customers are our primary focus and we will tailor our services so that your needs are met.

We are here to make owning Strata simple for you. You don’t need to be constantly stressed by the hustle and bustle of running strata, we can do all that for you. We have a team of experienced and professionals agents that are just a phone call away whenever you need them.

Simply put, we are here to join your team. What concerns you will become our concern as well and your goals will become our goals. Working as a team with our clients, we get better results and goals are achieved in record time. We love working with our owner’s corporations so that they are always kept in the loop about what is going on in their strata.

Our personalised and professional service is customer-focused and geared towards the continued appreciation of your property investment. We have licensed Strata Managers that bring years of industry experience and knowledge to your strata and push it towards greater heights. No matter what kind of property you have, we will provide you with a Strata Manager with the relevant experience of managing it.

changing strata management companies


With a diverse portfolio in strata management, we are the best in the business. Give us a ring and you will upgrade to the strata management that you deserve. We are waiting for your call!


We provide specialist strata management services for strata schemes. In the business for more than 60 years now, we have worked our way up from where we started to be one of the major players in Strata Management in Australia. With a dedicated team that always prioritises our clients’ needs, we thrive in innovation, attention to detail and problem-solving.

Offering services that are tailored to serve the area that your Strata is located in. We study the community that you have set up and look for ways to improve the standard of living for the residents.
Montano Strata offers services in Eastern Suburbs, Inner-West Sydney, North Shore, South-West Sydney, St George, Sutherland Shire, Western Sydney and Southern Highlands.

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    Montano Strata Management is a family business that cares, we believe in promoting a strong and mutually respectful relationship.


    All Owners have our after-hours contact details and can contact us anytime 7 days a week to discuss any concerns. Rarely do owners have to leave a message or find it difficult to talk to us.


    We will control costs across all areas of expenditure and provide full financial reporting for both Administration and WORKS FUND.


    We respond rapidly to all repairs. We have a team of experienced professionals from building companies for major works to competent trade contractors to carry out cost effective repairs.


    Our fees are fixed each year inclusive of all meetings and activities. Owners know upfront what our costs will be. There are no surprises. There are no extra charges

      Looking to Change, Its Easy!
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