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By-Laws Drafting

Let Montano Strata Management worry about the fine print of your by-laws. As one of New South Wales’ leading Strata Firms we’re very detailed when it comes to drafting up contracts and by-laws. Make community life easier with a well-written list of by-laws. Let our highly experienced team draft up your strata’s by-laws. Keep by-laws up to date with a regular rewrite. Services we offer include:
  • By-Law Consolidation
  • By-Law Drafting
  • By-Law Registration
We take charge of writing precise by-laws, consolidating and registering them on your behalf. In this way your strata becomes legally compliant seeing as all community living in the country is regulated by mandatory by-laws. Getting a licensed by-law drafter to write your by-laws is a sure way to guarantee that your strata scheme is consolidated within the required state timeframes. What type of properties do we write by-laws for?
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Resort
  • Mixed-use
  • The type of by-laws we write: we write all types of by-laws whether they be for renovations and works, safety, parking, general restrictions, exclusive use of property, occupancy limitations, pools and facilities.
  • Hassle-free by-law consolidation: the state requirements for registration and consolidation need to be adhered to. We make this process as stress-free for you as possible by managing everything from by-law writing to consolidation and registration.
  • Industry leading by-law writers. when it comes down to writing by-laws no strata management company writes by-laws better than Montano Strata Management. Years of experience have made us a pioneer in the industry.

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      Looking to Change, Its Easy!
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        Looking to Change, Its Easy!
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