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Community Title

Community title and a Strata title share similarities but are in fact two distinct titles. Before purchasing a property, it’s imperative you understand the differences between community and strata tile. So, what exactly is a community title?
  • It is a title scheme (much like a strata scheme) whereby you purchase a lot, own and share the responsibility of common areas with other residents.
  • In New South Wales, a community title refers to properties that are on average made up of two lots sharing a common area like recreation space.
  • A community title is often used to designate sizeable estates which may include numerous residential lots, commercial and retail shops.
  • Established through the registration of a Community, Neighbourhood or Precinct Plan, a community title is governed by the Community Association.
  • Because of the size and intricacies of the properties involved, the management of community titles can be complex hence the need for an experienced community title scheme manager.

Strata and a community titles have their unique differences. The differences include how maintenance and developments are carried out, the structure of lots and units, the boundaries, and how insurance issues are managed. Let’s delve into each of these to get a better understanding.

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Common Boundaries

Where strata titles are concerned it’s relatively easier to define boundaries because the units are solid structures such as duplexes, townhouses and apartment blocks hence the property boundaries are demarcated by the structural component of the building. Where a community title is concerned, because the title takes into account numerous buildings and large plots of land the boundaries are worked out according to surveyed land measurements.

Lots & Units

Strata schemes are straightforward and easy to understand because they incorporate units. Community titles often cover large estates, massive land developments and gated communities where there may be infrastructure that’s shared in common. With community titles one talks of individual lots whose sized is determined by land measurements.

Maintenance & Development

Management style of maintenance and development issues may differ for both community and strata titles depending with the management company in charge. However, similarities exist which are that every owner is bound to pay levies for the upkeep and general maintenance of the property. Additionally, all owners can voice their concerns concerning developments at the general meetings and exercise their right to vote.


Insurance is a major differentiating factor between communityand strata title. With strata title, the strata insurance tends to be all encompassing in that it covers the entire building and common areas and it is a mandatory to have cover. Therefore, unit owners only need to insure within their own unit taking out home and contents insurance.

Community title insurance is very different as insurance cover is optional. Owners in a community title are under no obligation to insure the lot buildings. An owner is only responsible for is the insurance of buildings on their own lot. The community corporation bears the responsibility of insuring and servicing common areas and or buildings.

To learn more about community title and strata title don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Montano Strata Management.

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