Tips for Improving the Security of Your Strata Title

Tips for Improving the Security of Your Strata Title

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The security of residents in strata title schemes is a high priority for owner’s corporations. While the residents of the strata title are entitled to access the common property, there is a need to restrict access to non-residents to ensure damage and theft are minimised. If security is not deemed a priority, the building’s amenities and security can be undermined leading to disputes with residents.

At Montano Stata Management, we specialise in strata management and advising our clients on appropriate security measures for their strata title. Below are some of the measures that owners’ corporations can take so that their strata title is protected.

Review the Entry and Exit system

Consider how residents gain access to your building. There are a couple of options on what can be done to ensure that entry into the building is monitored. There are mechanical systems as well as electronic methods of managing entryways. Traditionally, residents relied on using physical keys but with advances in technology key cards, and pin, pads are becoming more popular.

It is important that there is an up-to-date list of residents with access to the building particularly for residents of investment properties. This will ensure only current residents have access to the building and any former resident’s access is cut-off when vacating. Installing an intercom will also improve security and will increase privacy for building occupants.

Consider upgrading your CCTV cameras

Did you know that having a security camera system that is set up inside and outside the property can deter potential criminals by up to 50%? A CCTV camera system is a big asset that is beneficial to a building’s security. This is because it allows security people to always have eyes on entryways and communal access points. In the case of a liability issue, you can always check the footage and verify any claims.

Invest in good lighting for the entire building

Installing strategically placed motion sensor lights will also improve the security of your building. A building that is dark or has poor lighting will have a detrimental effect on residents’ safety. Owners’ corporations need to take the time to ensure that the outside of your building has sufficient lighting and is always kept neat and tidy, this will discourage any nefarious activity and provide residents with a high feeling of safety.

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