Common Strata Issues And How To Deal With Them


Community living has many perks but there can be are downsides as well. This is because from time to time, issues can come up between different residents of a strata community. At Montano Strata we are invested in seeing every strata scheme thrive. To help you, we have compiled a list of 4 common issues that come up most often and how you can deal with them.

1. Noisy neighbours:

Noise is a common strata problem. Each resident has the right to enjoy their own space in a manner that they see fit without infringing on the right of their neighbours to do the same. If a new tenant moves in, ensure that they have a copy of the by laws and that they know exactly what is expected of them concerning noise.

2. Smoke drift:

Smoking can cause problems between neighbours. If someone smokes on their balcony, the smoke may drift into their neighbours’ apartments. Passive smoking is very bad for health and no one should be subjected to it. If you are a smoker, make sure that your windows and doors are closed when you smoke so that the smoke drift does not escape into common areas or other people’s homes.

3. Parking problems:

Parking is another strata problem that almost always comes up. Residents often park in spots that aren’t assigned to them or they cause obstructions in the way that they park. To avoid this, resident’s must know that they are strictly expected to only park in their designated spot.

4. Owning Pets:

The strata scheme by-laws govern whether a resident can have pets or not. The model by-laws either do not allow pets or allow pets subject to the owner’s corporation approval. Ensure you obtain a copy of the by-laws to understand which by-law regulates your strata scheme and if pets are allowed obtain the necessary approval. Make sure that you follow all the by-laws concerning pets and ensure that your pets are always monitored when on common property.

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