How To Select The Right Strata Management Agency


Deciding which agency to hire to be your strata manager is often a difficult task. You want to find a strata management company that can professionally and promptly deal with any issues that come up. You also want to ensure they are competitively priced. To help you with this difficult decision, we have compiled a handy guide. Whether you are looking to change strata manager or looking for strata manager for a new building, keep these suggestions in mind to help you.

1. Pricing:

As with many other things in life, with strata management, you usually get what you pay for. If you get a quote from a strata management company and it sounds too good to be true, then it most probably is. Be that as it may, you must also ensure you receive value for the money. When deciding which strata manager to go with ensure you consider both these factors.

2. Financial Reporting:

It is important to see how transparent a strata manager is with disclosing the financial performance of the strata scheme. How often are they going to send the financial reports to all owners? How much detail are they willing to explain where the funds are being spent? When deciding which strata manager to go with ensure you understand the frequency and detail of information to be received.

3. Agency’s Location:

It is very important that you choose a strata management agency that is located close to where you have your property. A company that shares the same locale will have in-depth knowledge of the unique challenges and risks that owners face in your area and how best they can maintain your property. There will be times when your strata manger will need to attend the property to discuss complex issues.

4. Recommendations:

When you are looking for a strata management agency, it is good to consider what those close to you recommend. Fellow building owners in the same area may also be useful in providing links to a great strata management service. Recommendations from trusted sources can prove to be very helpful.

5. Your Expectations:

Before you start looking, you must clearly know what your expectations are. If you have any other requirements other than the common aspects of strata management, these must be clearly communicated with any potential managers. Whoever you choose must be aware of all that you will require and you be comfortable that they can meet these requirements.

6. Past Experience:

Finally, when you are choosing a strata manager, you must look at their qualifications and your fellow consumer’s experience. Going online and reading the reviews that may have been posted is a good source to understand how well regarded the strata management agency is.

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