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An article published by Peter Mansour, CEO of Strata Alert states that 66% of strata owners are dissatisfied with their current strata manager and would like to change. The most common reason being the lack of effective communication between strata managers and strata owners. There is no denying the fact that communication is of vital importance and an aspect that should never be underestimated. Let’s delve a little deeper and explore why communication is so crucial in strata management.

1. Communication affords clarity to both owners and strata managers:

The number one reason strata owners wanted to change their current strata management service provider is lack of transparency. When you’re dealing with strata owners, it is imperative that communication be clear and transparent. Strata owners need to be clear of the role of a strata manager which is primarily as a facilitator of strata owner decisions and have absolute transparency of the strata fees charged for providing that service.

2. Communication allows for implementation of good decisions:

Good decisions that maintains and improves the value of strata properties need to occur in a collaborative way with both strata management and strata owners effectively communicating with each other. It’s extremely important that both parties work together on their communication skills to ensure strata managers and strata owners don’t feel frustrated with decisions made. For this reason, it is imperative that there is effective and constant communication from both sides enabling a good flow of information.

3. Communication ensures smooth conflict resolutions:

There will be times when disagreements or misunderstandings occur between strata owners and strata management teams. However, if both parties have a good rapport then this will go a long way in ensuring a smooth resolution to issues that can potentially lead to unnecessary conflict.  Strata managers need to take time to develop this good rapport with the strata owners which is done through regular conversations and prompt updates on relevant matters.

4. Communication helps strata owners feel secure:

It is a common misconception by strata managers that strata owners are well-aware of the strata laws. In fact, many strata owners have inadequate understanding of strata property matters. Strata owners expect their strata managers to be experts in their field. Regular and informative communication in relation to maintenance issues or changes in strata legislation allows strata owners to feel secure that the management of their strata asset is in capable hands.

Good communication is a non-negotiable

The success of any strata owner/strata manager relationship is based on good communication. Strata managers need to take the time to establish a good working relationship with their strata owners. Find out which communication channels are most effective in getting messages across and make use of them.

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