Why Communication Is So Crucial In Strata Management

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What is a Strata Manager and what roles do they play? This is a question that owners corporation and strata committee members ask themselves. Strata managers are specialised professionals that are contracted to take on the functions of the strata committee. They have many tasks assigned to them and are required to report to the strata committee on regular basis. Below is a list of the roles of a strata manager.

1. Make sure all legal requirements are met:

A strata manager ensures all statutory and legislative requirements are met. A good strata manager keeps up to date with any amendments or changes in legislation and communicates any changes that affect the strata plan to the owners corporation and strata commiitte.

2. Oversee day to day tasks of the strata plan:

This is one of the main roles of strata management. The tasks of a strata manager include preparation of and taking minutes in meetings, ensuring payment of invoices and dealing with day to day queries from owners, agents and tenants. They are responsible for issuing and collecting levies, issuing work orders for approved works and responding to strata committee correspondence.

3. Keeping meticulous records for the strata plan:

A Strata Manager in Australia is expected to make sure that all the strata plan records are kept in a format that is in line with legislative requirements. They must also make sure that these records are available to the owners or anyone that may require them.

4. Insurance and financial statements:

Strata management insurance is handled by the strata manager. A strata manager lodges insurance claims and ensures three quotations for renewal are sought for the strata committee to approve. A strata manager provide the owners corporation with the strata plan’s financials on a quarterly basis and is able to answer any queries received.
A Strata Manager also manages term deposits and deals with levy recovery on behalf of the owners corporation. The strata manager is expected to have a transparent pricing structure so that the owners corporation is aware of its annual expenditure.

5. Be a neutral party that can provide advice:

Finally, a strata manager is expected to consult objectively when disputes, levy recoveries and other issues come up. They are also expected to help with getting quotations for any work that is being considered and arrange for scheduled maintenance of the buildings managed.

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